WDW-T600 Computerized Electronic Universal Testing Machine (600kN, 60Ton)



Main Technical Parameters:

Load Capacity: 600kN

Load Accuracy: ≤0.5%;

Displacement accuracy: ≤±0.5%

Displacement resolution: 0.001mm;

Deformation accuracy: ≤±0.5%;

Speed range: 0.005-200 mm/min

Max. tensile space: 500mm;

Max. Compression space: 900mm;

Testing width: 600mm;

Clamping thickness of flat specimen: 0-50mm;

Clamping diameter of round specimen: φ5mm-φ50mm

Compression platen size: φ120mm

Bending fixture span: 30-500mm

Electronic extensometer: gauge length: 50mm, range: 10mm (optional)

Power supply: three phase, 380V±10%, 50Hz

Host machine dimension: 1020×820×2560mm

Weight: 3000kg